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COLORBOND® Roofing: What It Is, Benefits and Considerations

Are you replacing the existing roof of your home or commercial building? Or are you looking for metal roofing options for your new construction project? No matter what colour or style you choose, you can’t ignore looking at COLORBOND® material.

COLORBOND®, a trusted name in Sydney for over 50 years, is designed from a coated and lightweight steel, featuring a five-layer protection system- Metallic coating, corrosion-resistant primer, steel base, pre-treatment layer and reflective topcoat. You won’t find a more versatile roofing option than COLORBOND® steel.

Still unsure about the choice? Explore here what COLORBOND® is, its benefits and what you should consider before selecting this roofing material.

Professional COLORBOND® Roofing Installation
professional COLORBOND® roofing installers

What Is COLORBOND® Roofing?

COLORBOND®, manufactured by BlueScope Steel since the 60s, is the leading metal roofing brand across NSW, Australia, for its wide collection of modern styles and colours. You can see its uses for residential and commercial roofing projects for its long lifespan, colour options and ability to withstand harsh Australian climates.

Research shows that COLORBOND® roofing stands apart from other metal roofs with its five-layer protection, ensuring better sturdiness, corrosion resistance and longevity to chip, flake and blister, making it run up to 70 years. Besides withstanding the normal wear and tear of harsh Australian climate, it resists bushfires. 

Benefits of COLORBOND® Roofing Installation

Although durability and ability to resist harsh climate in Australia are its top selling point, you can’t overlook other advantages of COLORBOND®, when it comes to metal roofing installation. For example:

colorbond roofing installers
colorbond roofing installation

#1: Perfect for Australian Climate-

If you live in Sydney, NSW, you know well how harsh the climate is all year. But, no other roofing manufacturing brand than COLORBOND® ensures the ability to stand against different Australian weather. In fact, the corrosion resistance and durability of its steel have been assessed by BlueScope by installing thousands of COLORBOND® panels across the city, especially in tropical climates and salt-heavy marine regions. And, it proves that a COLORBOND® roof works for all conditions no matter where one lives.

#2: Water resistance

Tile roofs absorb moisture, causing damage to the home’s foundation. But, metal roofs like COLORBOND® have a 5-layer protection system, making them highly non-porous. It means this roof sheds water and redirects it to your gutters through the downspouts. 

#3: Easy-to-maintain-

COLORBOND® roof doesn’t require cleaning more often as most areas get enough rain, cutting the need for active maintenance. Yes, you should pay attention to the unwashed parts, such as underneath eaves, that rainfall may block somehow. However, frequent cleaning may save it from excessive salt damage if you belong to the oceanside region. Moreover, you can prevent the dirt and leaves from settling on the roof.

#4: Energy efficient-

Do you know your roof can actually maintain your room temperature? Recent research shows that light-coloured roofs can actually reduce temperature than dark ones. COLORBOND® has 22 roof colours, using a special Thermotech technology to increase solar reflectance. Of all shades, Dover White absorbs only 28% of the solar heat, leaving the roof cool, which means cool homes. No wonder you can cut your air conditioning bills in the summer months with COLORBOND®.

#5: Colour Variety-

COLORBOND® comes in 22 different shades, from neutral white to greys to natural tones of brown and green. Moreover, you can choose between classic and matte finish as well. No matter which you choose, it will go with your design aesthetic. The only problem is you have to pick the one you love with so many on your plate!

#6: Affordable-

COLORBOND® steel is more affordable compared to terracotta tiles. Moreover, the former needs minimal maintenance, allowing a lifetime saving. However, COLORBOND® roofing installation costs can vary depending on your needs, for instance, if you are replacing an existing roof or adding a new one. To get an estimate, consult professional COLORBOND® roofing installers and ask for a quote.

Considerations for COLORBOND® Roofing Installation

You see how advantageous it is to install COLORBOND® metal roofing in your home or commercial buildings. But, before you plan for the new roof, it’s necessary to consider a few things:

  • Work with only professional roofing technicians well aware of the local regulations and with a proven track record
  • See if you need building permits to replace the tile roof with a metal one.
  • Be careful about the imitation COLORBOND® steel.
  • Although COLORBOND® metal roofing ensures no paint peeling, you should repair this metal roof once every 15 years or so to keep your home looking refreshed.

Professional COLORBOND® Roofing Installation with Sydney Roofing Contractors

At Sydney Roofing Contractors, we have years of experience supplying and installing COLORBOND® roofs to individuals, builders and strata companies. Our experts know how to fit your new roof perfectly while ensuring a safe, durable and attractive finish. You can rest assured about our unmatched quality and service. We stock a wide selection of roofing designs as well.

So, why wait? Call us for a FREE quote now, or schedule a consultation without roofing technicians today!

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