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Longevity of Corrugated Metal Roof: 4 Pro Care and Maintenance Tips

Are you investing in a new metal roof? Truth be told, it is a major investment for any property owner. That’s why many in NSW, Australia, prefer corrugated metal roofing for their residential, commercial, or industrial buildings and strata-managed properties. Also, another key reason to choose it is its minimal maintenance needs. However, although corrugated metal roofs are easy to maintain, frequent care and maintenance are essential to ensuring good condition for longer. 

Need help? Here, we are sharing some pro tips to give your corrugated roof the utmost maintenance. Let’s begin!

How to Care and Maintain Corrugated Metal Roofs

Compared to any other metal roof, corrugated roofing offers better and more unique advantages. For instance, it is incredibly tough to withstand harsh and adverse weather conditions in Australia due to its weather-resistant materials. On the other hand, this leak-proof metal roofing is also a great choice for those looking for strength and longevity. Moreover, you can add special coatings to it for maximum water resistance. No wonder Australian property owners go for corrugated metal roofing installation

But, it is essential to maintain these metal roofs more often to make the most of your investment. Here’s how to do so:

1: Use gentle cleaning products-

Keeping your corrugated metal roof clean regularly is an essential task to do. Otherwise, dirt and debris may accumulate on its surface, eventually compromising its structural integrity. But, when washing and rinsing a corrugated metal roof, use a gentle cleaning solution, like mixing water and soap, and a clean microfibre cloth. For quick work, a power washer can be a great option.

2: Keep the gutters and valleys clean-

Dirt and debris, like loose branches, leaves, or any other items, don’t remain stuck just to the roof surface but in the drains, gutters and valleys close to your roof, especially in the hard-to-reach nooks. They prevent water from draining smoothly, leading to corrosion and pest infestation. So, always clear out the gutter, valley, and drain areas to reduce debris buildup and keep the corrugated roof corrosion-free. 

3: Check for leaks and corrosion-

Although corrugated metal roofs are made of leak-proof materials, years of wear and tear can cause leaking due to damaged or missing panels, flashing, or seals. On the other hand, you can find small rust spots on the roof surface, which is a sign of corrosion. Ignoring them can lead to corroded panels. So, keep an eye out for leaking and corrosion signs. Also, you can ask professionals to assess damage to the roof and its underlying structure.

corrugated metal roofing

4: Trim the branches over the roof-

Do you have plenty of trees around your building? It is common for loose branches to fall and scrape the roof surface. When installing corrugated metal roofing, trim the branches more often and redirect their growth away from your roof. It will prevent significant damage to the roof, especially during harsh climates.  

Note: Perhaps corrugated metal roofs can last over 50 years. Following these care and maintenance tips can ensure that. Also, try to inspect your metal roof every few months to make it last longer.

Finding the Best Corrugated Metal Roofing Contractor in NSW, Australia, for Installation?

If yes, count on us. We, Sydney Roofing Contractors, offer an extensive range of corrugated roofing services, whether on residential, commercial, and industrial sites or strata-managed property. It is one of our most sought-after metal roofing services. Also, our specialists can help you select the right roof design if needed.Schedule a consultation or request a quote today!

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