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Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Colorbond® Roofing for Australian Homes

Just like corrugated metal roofs, Colorbond® roofing has become another preferred roofing solution for many property owners in NSW, Australia. The reason behind this is not just its lightweight, thermal insulation or sturdiness, but beyond that. 

In this blog, we will talk about why you should invest in Colorbond® roofs, which is worth exploring, especially when installing a new roof. Let’s begin.

Here’s Why Colorbond® Roof Installation Is a Profitable Investment

Colorbond® roofs feature a five-layer system of protection, including a steel base, pre-treatment layer, reflective topcoat, metallic coating and primer to reduce corrosion. This coated steel roof is popular for its longevity, resistance to harsh Australian climates and appearance. No wonder it has become a top choice in many Australian homes for roofing solutions. However, these are not the only reasons behind it but its appealing advantages, such as:

1: Minimal maintenance-

Besides being sturdy, Colorbond® roofing requires little maintenance, and there is no need to paint it often since its colour is bonded to the metal. On the other hand, this steel-coated roofing is unlikely to leak, crumble or crack compared to tile roofs. 

2: Strength and durability-

When seeking durability and strength for your roof, Colorbond® roofing installation can be profitable to invest in. Although it is lightweight, it is made of strong material to withstand harsh Australian climates, such as strong winds, storms and sunlight. These roofs are also resistant to termites, chipping, peeling, corrosion and even cracking. Unlike tiles, Colorbond® roofs do not have the risk of blowing off in intense winds.

3: Insulation-

Colorbond® roofs offer thermal insulation. It is a thermally efficient material that keeps your property insulated from extreme temperatures in any season. Due to its solar reflectance, Colorbond® roofs cool down faster and radiate minimal heat. 

4: Waterproofing-

Pooling in water in the roof leads to structural damage and corrosion eventually. Thanks to Colorbond® roofing designs that allow water to run off smoothly instead of getting stuck in certain areas, which usually happens with tiles. Its ridges are designed to eliminate water easily and faster, reducing the risk of leaking roofs. 

5: Design-friendly-

Do you want to give your building a minimalist and modern look? Colorbond® offers a variety of colours and shades in roofing, allowing you to pick the one best suited to your property. So, when you want your residential or commercial building to look stunning and perfect, installing Colorbond® roofing sheets is the best investment.Note: Due to its lightweight nature, it has a spanning capability that eliminates the need for installing additional columns, which means you can access a more open floor space.

Colorbond® roof installation

6: Costs-

If you compare it to tiles, Colorbond® roof installation may cost you a little more, depending on your choice of additional insulation and installation costs. However, you can save dollars on utility bills with Colorbond® roof’s in-built insulation, minimal maintenance and long-lasting features once the installation is done. In that way, Colorbond® roofs will cost you less than tiling.

7: Easy installation-

Since Colorbond® roofing is available in metal sheets up to 100 metres in length, they are easy to install. Just roll them on your roof; there is no need to have lap joints! However, we recommend considering professional Colorbond® roofing specialists to install them for perfection and safety. 

Do you need one? Count on us. At Sydney Roofing Contractors, we have a qualified team of roofing technicians to assist property owners with roofing installation in NSW, Australia, every step of the way. Interested? Call now for a FREE quote!

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