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Understanding Asbestos Removal: The Big Picture in Brief

Asbestos use in Sydney during the 1990s was quite common in every building, whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. In fact, you can still find many properties in the city with asbestos roofing. Unfortunately, it can lead to a lot of serious health issues, including a chronic lung disease known as Asbestosis and even Mesothelioma. That’s why removing the asbestos roofing is necessary to ensure health and safety.

But, Sydney has strict regulations regarding asbestos roofing removal to avoid its negative impacts on your health whether you work here, live or visit. In fact, you may end up getting stuck in legal issues or paying hefty fines!

So, before eliminating the asbestos materials, delve into this blog and understand asbestos, considerations for removal, rules, limitations and much more.

Professional Asbestos Removal Services

Here’s What You Need to Know About Asbestos Removal from Your Building

Asbestos, a natural mineral, is popular as a building roofing material due to its durability, heat resistance, strength and insulative properties. In NSW, asbestos use was on the rise between the 1940s and 1990s, especially in the construction and building industry. So, the residential or commercial properties built in that period contain asbestos in the building materials.

If your home or commercial building was constructed before the 1980s, the chances it has asbestos needed to be eliminated as its uses were banned after 2003 due to the health risks from asbestos exposure. When one inhales or ingests asbestos fibres, it can remain deep within lung tissues, causing inflammation and serious illness, including Mesothelioma, Asbestosis and even lung cancer. 

Research shows that asbestos fibres can become airborne easily during such actions as water blasting, sanding, drilling, cutting and grinding. On the contrary, friable asbestos materials get easily broken from even light pressure and turn airborne. And, they travel great distances while remaining in the air for a long time due to their lightweight. Sometimes, there can be accidental asbestos exposure! That’s why asbestos removal is necessary as soon as possible but with the help of trained and experienced asbestos removal contractors to ensure your safety and adherence to the strict rules and regulations.

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When Should You Think of Removing Asbestos Removal?

Yes, there’s a high chance that your building contains asbestos materials if it was built prior to the 1980s. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate it always. For instance, asbestos materials that last for a long period can come with a change in their condition due to wear and tear or natural deterioration. If this is the case, asbestos removal is a better alternative. Also, when your home has friable asbestos, you should eliminate them. Make sure you work with NSW Government licensed personnel for asbestos removal services.

Contrarily, when non-friable asbestos is present in your home, it can last for long years without any accidental exposure until it’s in good condition or remains undisturbed. In this case, there’s no health risk!

However, it’s essential to know whether your home has these asbestos materials and in what condition they are to ensure your safety. In fact, it becomes more necessary while planning for a home renovation or roofing maintenance, which can disturb asbestos fibres. Having an idea of asbestos location in your home will cut exposure risks!

DIY or Professional Asbestos Removal Services: Which Is Best?

In NSW, there are strict rules and regulations related to asbestos removal. For example:

  • The asbestos must be undamaged without broken or cut while removing so there’s the least chance of asbestos fibre exposure.
  • The amount of non-friable asbestos removal shouldn’t exceed 10 square metres.
  • Wearing protective clothing and accessing the right equipment and tools
  • Carefully packaged for disposal at the licensed disposal site and much more

So, you can see so much planning you need to do before and after asbestos removal to adhere to rules and regulations and maintain safety. Even a single mistake can cause asbestos exposure and contamination, and you end up paying hefty fines of thousands of dollars. Hence, trying DIY won’t be a great idea! 

Instead, you should always leave asbestos removal to NSW Government licensed personnel like us. At Sydney Roofing Contractors, we provideasbestos removal services to individuals, strata companies and builders, ensuring the best outcome for every project. Our roofing experts have the expertise to identify and eliminate asbestos from residential, commercial and industrial properties. We adhere to all the latest safety and health requirements, assuring you, your family and workers stay safe.

So, no more waiting! Schedule a consultation with us today, or click here to request an estimate now!

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